Answer Keys of AITS (IIT JEE) and Medical (NEET)

Concept Educations have been conducting  All India Test Series (AITS) for IIT JEE (Main and Advanced) and Medical (NEET/AIIMS), as per our commitment to you at the time of admission.

Following are the Answer keys


Test Date Test id Test Name Answer Key
29-03-2013 49302 Revision Test 05 ANSWERKEY_ENG_RT05_29THMARCH2013
26-03-2013 49301 Revision Test 04 ANSWERKEY_ENG_RT04_26THMARCH2013
24-03-2013 49300 Revision Test 03 ANSWERKEY_ENG_RT03_24THMARCH2013
22-03-2013 49299 Revision Test 02 ANSWERKEY_Eng_RT02_22ndMarch2013
20-03-2013 49298 Revision Test 01 ANSWERKEY_ENG_RT01_20THMARCH2013



Test Date Test id Test Name Answer Key
24-03-2013 03 Revision Test 03 ANSWERKEY_Med_RT03_24thMarch2013
17-03-2013 02 Revision Test 02 ANSWERKEY_Med_RT02_17thMarch2013
10-03-2013 01 Revision Test 01 ANSWERKEY_Med_RT01_10thMarch2013


About concepteducations
“Education is the single most important tool that shapes mankind” Concept Educations is a leading education brand based in the gateway of North-East India, Guwahati providing classroom and online coaching for JEE, CEE, AIPMT, AIIMS, National and State Level OLYMPIADS, Board Exams, etc. As we strongly believe in the idea of guiding our students by our up to date teaching methodology, well equipped team of faculty, administrators and ground staff, we ensure that quality of service always remain at the vanguard of our brand name and professional priority. We preach and promote clarity of underlying concepts and belief that learning should be independent of the ‘examination protocol’ and that marks and results are mere by-products of learning.

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